Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Brave girl

The EFG has survived the tooth extraction today, and is recovering well. She sat in the car whilst I had to do some shopping, and then she laid on the sofa when we got home, and watched a DVD for a couple of hours. She is up and about now though, and thinking about tidying her room - still. It has been an ongoing project for about three days, and still isn't done - it's a major re-arrangement job.

I have lost my enthusiasm for tidying, or doing much at all, to be honest, today. I have had the trip to town with her today, and I have done the things that needed doing, but rather than do the challenging stuff, I am thinking about going to bed now with a new book....we had some vouchers for WHSmith, so we spent them! I do have a heap of ironing to do, but that will be there in the morning.

The YFG is coming home tomorrow, when the FH and UJ come back to the village for their lunch club. She has missed us, and been quite vocal on the phone about coming home, but this time away has been good for her! She has certainly caught up with her sleep, so she should be full of beans. The EFG will be going back with them tomorrow afternoon, so that they can take her into Cambridge early on Thursday to attend a Gifted and Talented Biology workshop at the Botanic Gardens. She is looking forward to that; she attended one at the end of Y7 which was a week at the Engineering Dept of Cambridge University, then at the end of Y8 she did a 2 day Writing workshop at the UEA in Norwich, which she loved. Last year, the courses on offer were a bit strange and she didn't fancy any of them, but this time I found this one just at the last minute and there were some places left - and best of all, this one is free! I hope she enjoys the day.

The garden is getting over run with weeds in a couple of the raised beds, and I am going to have to attack them with some weedkiller on a still day, because they are thick with couch grass which is impossible for me to dig out. If I can get them clear soon, I will be able to sow a winter nitrogen crop, ready to dig in in the spring - at least, I think that is the plan, but I have never done it before. There is always a first time.

The EFG will be thinking about which A level courses to apply for come the Autumn, so we will be attending open days at local 6th form colleges, and considering her options. At the moment, she wants to be a teacher, so A levels are definitely on the cards, but her thoughts currently involve Biology, ICT and Art, which seems like a strange combination, so I think we had better take some advice on that! Any teachers out there who care to shed any light on the matter - feel free!

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saving for travel said...

Glad EFG got on ok.

Sounds like you needed the rest.

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