Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Hip Hip Hooray

A rather cheesy title, I do apologise - but UJ had his hip replacement operation yesterday and so far, it seems to have been successful. He is in hospital in Cambridge and I am over 35 miles away, so I haven't been to see him yet, but my dad went in today and reports that he is "nicely" - so that is excellent news. I spoke with UJ briefly on the ward telephone this morning, when he requested a bottle of orange squash to make the water more palatable, and he said that the pain from the op is bearable, but they are giving him plenty of medications.

We are gearing up for him to possibly come home on Thursday or Friday, so we are going to his house on Thursday morning to do some jobs - make a bed for the FH, have a look in the cupboards and see what shopping I need to get in for him and UJ, and probably do some watering in the garden. The FH also has to put some blocks under a chair for UJ to sit in so that it is higher and more comfortable for him.

I think that my sister may visit him tomorrow, and I know my dad will be pleased to see him home again, as he has been worrying about him! He is not my dad's brother, but they have known one another a very long time, through my mum, who was UJ's sister.

Home on the range, there are the earliest runner beans ready already! They are a variety called Teeny Beany, and they are very small, but perfectly formed. We had the first dwarf beans yesterday - and the courgettes - I am giving them away to anyone and everyone. I took some to school on Friday, and last night I sent a visitor home with 4 and told him that if he didn't like them, he could give them to his neighbours!!


Rainbowchild said...

Glad the op went well, my aunt said when she had her's that although she was in pain from the operation the actual hip pain she had had gone.

Kim said...

Hope OJ recovers well.