Friday, 8 July 2011

Raring to go!

Today has felt like one of those days when you have done a day's work before breakfast!

I was up at 5.30am to get stuff done and the chickens fed and watered before leaving at 7.40am to take the EFG to her placement.

I dropped her off at 8.05 and continued to Asda - I don't go there often, but I bought her a pair of navy trousers there for her work experience, and now that I have turned them up (saving myself the £6 the local seamstress charges) she is wearing them and looking very smart. I hoped to buy another pair, but the navy co-ordinates have been shipped out and black is now "in" so I had to settle for the same pair of trousers but in black. I also picked up a couple of pairs of shorts and some strappy tops for the YFG, who has "nothing" to wear, apparently. I found an orange Tshirt for her as well, as she is a carrot on a float in the village parade this weekend...

Then I headed homeward and called in to the other town to drop the books off at the charity shop, whilst a policeman kindly looked the other way whilst I was parked where I shouldn't have been so I could lug the boxes into the shop.

A branch of the Co-op which deals with home electricals, homewares and clothes is closing down, and has a massive sale on, so I have had a quick look around in there, too. Nothing too much purchased, apart from a few bits to put away for gifts and birthdays.

All that, and I was home by 10am. Have to admit to flaking a little since then! Some lunch has been had, some emails read, a quick trip to school to sign a letter and to put a box of free courgettes in the staffroom - I have a glut already and hope that the staff will help themselves, and me, and take some home. Must phone the water company to pay the bill, and then I am on cleaning duties for a little while.

Money is a touchy subject here this week - the FH and I went to the optician's on Tuesday and came out with a bill for £355 between us for three pairs of glasses (two for him, one for me) and a sight test (me - FH doesn't pay because of his age - thank goodness!!). He is having a pair of varifocals for reading and for playing music, and then a distance pair for driving, and I just need an updated pair as my prescription has changed. The FH has vowed and declared that these have to last him out now! He doesn't "get" that I have the money and that they are worth having; he is out of touch with prices and seems to think he should be able to get a pair of glasses for about £9.99. I am finding this increasingly with the FH these days - because all our money is paid straight into the bank account and he doesn't see any of it (well, not often, anyway!) he seems to think we haven't got any....bless him! I am saving hard from our regular income, and we are able to pay these bills, thankfully - it is two years since I had a pair of glasses, so at £145, they are costing me pennies over £6 a month, and I wouldn't be able to do much without them. Contact lenses would cost me about £30 a month if I wore them daily, so these glasses are a bargain in comparison, surely.

Hoping everyone has a good weekend.


Mac n' Janet said...

My husband is the same way, absolutely shocked by prices. He keeps saying this use to cost .... But as you and I know everything is more expensive.

Morgan said...

Glad it's not just us, then!!

ciao said...

My OH thinks you can get shoes for 49.11 shows our age (that's £2-50 roughly)x