Sunday, 3 October 2010

The worst feeling...

or the worst thing to feel?

A slug in the bottom of the welly boot, right up by the toe. Exactly what I felt this morning at 8am, seconds before I shrieked like a banshee - it was Disgusting!!


Greentwinsmummy said...

I trod on a slug in my friends kitchen one, ugh I said I trod on a slug, then I said oh no ha! its a chip! (she had just fed her smalls chunky homemade chips....) I pulled it from between my toes & shrieked OH ARGGG NOOOO IT IS A SLUG!!!
truly gruesome
am shuddering now for you!!!!
GTM x x x
ps hers used to come in the cat flap!

Morgan said...

I had left the wellies outside the back door as I always do as they are so muddy, but they are under the verandah. I have now taken the precaution of moving them onto a high shelf out there so they are further away from the slugs - we have loads of slugs in the garden - yeuch!