Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Harvest home

I attended the KS2 Harvest assembly at the village school this morning and it was lovely. The children sang songs and Christian worship songs, read out prayers and made up a little quiz describing fruits and vegetables so we could guess what they were talking about. Our minister from the chapel was there as well, to conclude with some prayers and thanks. All in all it lasted about half an hour and it was followed by an invitation to the parents to go through to the class rooms so that they could look at the children's work. I really enjoyed it, and it sort of made up for missing the Harvest celebration at chapel which was the same day as the Autumn show. The KS1 Harvest assembly is on Thursday, so I may pop into that if I have time to see what they have been doing, too.

The FH is outside, planting broad bean seeds. I have completed the cleaning out of the hen houses this morning so that they are all in good order for UJ to oversee next week. I have washed everything in sight and there is just one more load of ironing to do and then that might be it. (I still have to unearth UJ's bedroom, but just whisper that bit.....I'm going to do some of that now....)

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