Sunday, 10 October 2010

Glorious Autumn

Today has been the kind of day I love - bright sunshine but fresh with gorgeous blue skies! We made it to the showground by 8am, and then had to find out what to do next, it being our first time at this show. A helpful steward was very patient explaining what to do and we penned all the birds successfully.

We wandered around the show together, nipping back to the car periodically for refreshments, and occasionally checking the pens to see if any of the birds had been sold. By lunchtime, both pens of young Gold Partridge Orpingtons had been sold, but the Sebrights had to be knocked down to sell right at the end (but I really didn't want to bring them home!) and the Silver-laced Wyandotte did have to come home, even though I also discounted them.

We took loads of photos (which I will share when I can get them off the camera) and enjoyed a brief cup of tea at the FH's cousin's house before coming home. Luckily, I had prepared some mince for shepherd's pie last night, so I was able to make a quick meal when we got home! The girls are finishing some homework now, and I have to iron the uniforms for tomorrow - and then my feet need a rest!!

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