Monday, 18 October 2010


The preacher yesterday talked about keeping focussed and avoiding distractions, and in that spirit, I have today been editing! I have thinned out the list of blogs in my sidebar and just kept those I really admire, those whose authors I love, and those I find really interesting. The others have gone for now. I have also been through my "friends" on Facebook - so many of them were not really friends but acquaintances, and people whose incessant chatter was beginning to annoy me. They are gone too. It does feel good - liberating - so less really can be more. Wish I had done it before now.....


Greentwinsmummy said...

I am so with you on this one....I did have a facebook thing once but t soon clicked that its a time trap, i dont think thing like that *keep people in touch* or the other tag lines they sell along to sucker folks in, I dnt even think email keeps people in touch really,I honestly dont think you can beat a letter.I used to spend hours hopping over blogs, now theres just a few I revisit(yours being one of them!) and i wish i had more time to comment but often by time i have read its time to turn off the machine lol!

Where are you off too on hols? we are off on saturday for 3 days lol i am so excited the grls are in a giggle about it constantly, we are going not too far awaybut near the coast so a complete change of scenery, I just have to hope my father remembers to open and shut up the hens.......!!!
GTM x x x x
hahah my verification is *uncred* hahahah the opposite of street cred i presume??!?!

Morgan said...

Hi GTM - we are off to Forres in Scotland - 10 hours on several trains! We are going for the week and it is the first proper week's holiday for the girls so they are very excited - we are counting sleeps now!!

Hope you have a good break too.

Hugs xx

Greentwinsmummy said...

Have a wonderful time!!the journey wll be all part of the adventure,I cant wait to do something like that with mine when they are a older,its too much to contemplate with little ones lol!
GTM x x x