Thursday, 23 April 2009

Still in the garden

The washing got done, the plants were potted up - a couple of peppers, the tomatoes and a butternut squash, and the lettuce plugs are tucked into one of the raised beds. The quail have been moved, and have laid 4 eggs between them today so perhaps they like their new quarters. And I have weeded the strawberry bed - and found a couple of strawberry plants under the weeds, so there are more than I had thought!

The YFG is on the mend, I hope - she has just had some toast, so I am praying that stays down. She has had a little sleep this afternoon as well. And the FH has done a little of the ironing pile, so there is a little less for me to do later. If he goes off to bed early to watch TV, I will be putting a DVD on to get me through the pile!

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Greentwinsmummy said...

Hope your little one feels better soon,there are so many lurgeys around arent there,a pox on them! oh no not pox lol we had enough of that!
GTM x x x