Thursday, 23 April 2009

Getting stuff done - at last!

Seeds have been sown, some of the quail are in their new house, and I went to Delfland Nursey yesterday and bought more plants for the garden. Most of them were vegetable/salad plug plants to give us a head start on the season, but I also got 4 cherry tomato plants, and some fuschias and geraniums for the hanging baskets, as well as (got SO excited about this!) 5 raspberry canes - we may actually have some raspberries this autumn! They are late fruiting ones, so I think that they will fruit on the new growth they are putting up now. Must get those planted today!

I got so much done yesterday that I was impressed with myself. Apart from the gardening and washing, the trip to the nursery and the other general stuff I do every day, I also cut a neighbour's son's hair, and had a school board meeting, which went on a bit. We had a lot to talk about as we are interviewing for a new teacher on Monday.

The YFG has thrown up this morning so she is at home, watching TV in bed! That means that today's plans have had to be altered slightly, but hey, that is a mother's privilege to be able to move plans around to fit with sick kids! Nothing's so important that it can't wait another day or week, so now I already have plans for next Thursday...

The revised plans for the day now include a big heap of ironing, some laundry, getting the plants sorted in the garden, and moving the other quail into the lower apartment of the new house. One of this second group died yesterday, unfortunately, but she was a weak bird and had been for some time. She didn't seem to be actually ill, just weak and not able to eat as much as the others - perhaps the pecking order kept her at the bottom. Anyway, whilst we mourned her passing yesterday, we have 10 others to look after. They laid three eggs between them yesterday and so we are hoping that they are getting the idea a bit more now!

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