Thursday, 9 April 2009

First Holiday week nearly gone

Thursday already and tomorrow Good Friday! I can't believe that the week has slipped past so quickly.

We had a "down" day on Monday to recover from the gymnastics day on Sunday. The gym itself wasn't so tiring but what knocked me sideways was the early start and the driving - just over 3 hours all told. The YFG was tired out from the gym, but then she worked really hard and I was proud of her.

Tuesday we went to the dentist and it was the EFG's turn to make me proud, as she had to have a filling and she hardly flinched at all. It is not good that her teeth needed a filling, but I was pleased at the way she took the injection, the drilling and the numbness around her mouth.

Yesterday the FH went out to his lunch club in the village and the YFG was at a friend's house for the day so the EFG and I had a sort of quiet day - I mowed the front lawn and dug over another of the raised beds in the back garden. The EFG also had a friend round to have lunch together. When the FH came home, I took the EFG off to town to spend the £50 giftcard I won in the Sainsbury's Active Kids prize draw (yes, people do actually win those things!) so we got some new clothes for both of us, the Faryl CD, the Waterhorse DVD, some new earrings for both of the girls, and some Tshirts for the FH so everyone got something courtesy of Sainsbury's!

Today has been another day of getting things done - haircuts this morning, done by my friend for whom I bake cakes in return so I did her a cake quickly before she turned up at 10.45am. She did the girls as well as me, and then stayed for a cuppa afterwards, and her daughter stayed for lunch too. We had to go to the other nearby town this afternoon to the doctor's for the EFG, so we dropped our visitor home on the way. I have also been starting to get things ready for this weekend - I have put some bits and pieces in a box to take to the caravan for our overnight stay on Saturday, and I need to find another sleeping bag - there's four here somewhere, but I can only lay my hand on one! The YFG and I will be staying there as it is closer to Norwich so it cuts down on the travelling for us - we have to be there both days this weekend.

The family Easter meal will be Sunday night when we get home at about 7.30 and I am looking forward to it already!

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