Monday, 27 April 2009

More babes

I am sure I forgot to say, but the matriarch of the rabbits here has had another litter of kittens - they were born last Sunday so they are now about 8 days old. They are fattening up nicely, so she must be feeding them well. We had an issue with a litter a couple of years ago which she didn't feed, so it is a relief to see these ones healthy and growing. Including the two which were born earlier in the year to a younger rabbit, there are now 5 babes in the nests!

Hopefully the chicks will hatch from the eggs in a couple of weeks and we will be feeling very Spring-like with all this new birth around us. We are talking about getting some more day-old chicks to rear as well - some for meat and some for eggs, so hopefully we'd get a good mix of the sexes. The girls have done me proud today and laid 20 eggs - and the quail managed 5 between them too. I have a rooster in the slow cooker, which is about done now, so that is going to get taken off the bone, chilled and probably frozen as no one here is up to eating much.

I didn't get to go to the interviews at the school today, because of my nursing duties, but the YFG was asked to go along and take part as she is on the school council. They have appointed a teacher, so here's hoping she's a good 'un!

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