Monday, 6 April 2009

All getting too much...

I have to keep apologising for not keeping up to date, but there has been so much to do and think about this week that I haven't had time to be here.

In brief (no, I don't really do "brief", do I?!?) the quails have continued to lay eggs so that we now have a little clutch of five. The debate rages over what to do with them - poach them, fry them, hard boil them? We can't decide. The female quail have had to be moved to a new pen as we have now realised that there are 5 male and 6 female which means that the males were being rather amorous a bit too often for these poor females and they were pecking them on the back of the necks and one was bleeding a little. Separating them means that the females are getting a break and they can recover their composure and their feathers in peace.

The hens are doing well and we are now getting a dozen eggs most days. I had mentioned to someone (GTM, I think) that I hadn't counted them lately, so I have had a headcount and there are: 9 assorted brown hens (Orpington crosses/pure Orpingtons/Buff Sussex/one ISA hybrid), 3 black hens (2 golden laced Barnvelders and one which is possibly a Silver Sussex cross) and between 14 and 16 white Sasso hens - they are hard to count as they keep moving and all look similar so forgive the inaccuracy of that count. There is also a turkey stag in there with them. The FH has killed 5 cockerels today - we have decided that the hens we killed for meat earlier in the year definitely had more meat on them than these cockerels. They really are quite lean so the best thing to do is going to be to cook in the slow cooker and then use the meat for pies and stirfry rather than trying to roast the whole bird.

I haven't sown a single seed and am getting quite behind in the garden.

Yesterday I spent the day at Norwich Gym Club with the YFG doing the first day of the three day course to move up a level in coaching. We will be going back next weekend for the other two days of the course. It's fun and challenging, so we are enjoying it, and the YFG is loving the gym there as it is a permanent set-up and has pits to land in, and a ground-sunk trampoline - she loves it!

School holidays are here, so we have dentist and doctor appointments this week, and then two multisport days next week in the local town, and a few spare days to fill in between. We think that we might go to Wimpole Hall for the lambing if the weather is OK next week. We haven't been there for lambing for a few years, so that would be a good day out.

Will try to check back again soon!

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