Friday, 12 February 2016

Opening up

This week has been a real eye-opener in several ways!  I worked too many hours last week and was only supposed to do about 10 this week, but struggled to do that few and ended up with 14 on the time sheet......well, if there's work to be done, I do like to get on with it!  But I had a lovely day "off" on Tuesday and then worked my socks off Wednesday and Thursday - and then had another day pottering at home today - it is a good way of doing things!

It's been all about deliveries today - a parcel from Aberdeen from the EFG including some books she has read and wants returned to her bedroom shelves, a pair of earrings she bought very cheaply but doesn't want so sent them for the YFG and I to fight over [no, not really - the YFG has them], some more sock wool from Hobbycraft for me, and a disposable camera that she would like me to get developed.  A parcel from Amazon was next to arrive - we are having a circuit study group around "Gratitude" this year, and are using Ann Voskamp's Study DVD so several ladies have asked for copies of her book, One Thousand Gifts.  I had to order two more copies, and they arrived today so that I can give them to the ladies on Sunday.  And then there was a Sainsbury's delivery, and a pair of trousers for the YFG for school wear........good job I didn't plan to be out much today!

I've also done some baking today too - a loaf of bread for the EF girls, who love wholemeal bread with lots of seeds, some cheese scones and some cinnamon swirls.  The kitchen has been warm and smelled really welcoming this afternoon - just what I love!  And I had washing on the line.

Image result for growing in the fens cheese scones
Not today's but some of these just the same

And I have spent time thinking a lot about a wonderful lady who shared a terrible story of a lifetime of abuse with me last night.  She's a lovely lady who opened up to me and it all came out in about 20 minutes, and left me quite shocked.  Part of my job is walking alongside and listening to stories as people are led to share them with me, but that came out of the blue last night. Thankfully, I was able to listen in a supportive way and offer the right kinds of words but all the time, I wanted to cry.  I didn't, and neither did she, but oh, blimey, the things that God gives me to do.......she's in my prayers.

It is so nearly daffodil time again - there are glimpses of yellow already on the banks of the river

Breathing a sigh of relief that it is half term here now and the girls can take some rest and have a tiny bit of downtime, although the YFG has mock exams straight after the break so she will be revising. She has taken the night off and is at a friend's house, where they are having a Chinese meal, having a bonfire and playing some card games.

Really longing for the better weather to come now!


Bridget said...

Gosh Morgan, you must be a great listener to have all these people open up to you.
Although shocking or sad it must be very rewarding to know that you've help these people to unburden themselves.
Sometimes all people need is somebody to listen to them x

Angela said...

Sounds like you are really being used by God in this job, to bless and help others. But do not overdo it! You are no use if you get burned out, and do take time for Sabbath breaks! I hope half term gives you the opportunity for quality family activities together. Have a good week xx

Morgan said...

Bridget, I have been a listener all my life, and people have told me things and come to me for support since I was in Sixth form, when I was involved in supporting a dear friend who had anorexia and another who had severe anxiety. I'd much rather listen to other people than talk about myself so it serves me as well, in a lot of ways. It still comes as a surprise though when people share things like this - I haven't had anything as harrowing as this one since I started the job.

Ang - thanks but half term is going to be spent with the YFG revising hard, and the other girls working some and going out and about some. We don't tend to do a lot together as they have different priorities - one likes to shop and socialise and the violinist has a concert in Norwich that she wants to go to, but no one else would want to go with her, I am afraid! our long discussions after dinner are the closest we come to family time, but they are quite interesting and I shall miss their diverse attitudes to life when they are gone!
But yes, I shall be having some time off too.....knitting beckons, and a couple of DVDs.