Tuesday, 16 February 2016


I have had a day off work today - yay!  A more beautiful spring day you could not have wished for here, AND yes, I am calling it spring because we have seen the first lambs of the season in the fields just outside the village - and that makes spring for me!

A lovely drive and the sun was very hot on the car as we drove so the YFG commented that she would be able to top up her Vitamin D levels at this rate, but I did wonder whether the glass window would be impeding that?  Nevertheless, sunshine has been the order of the day in the Fens - can you tell just how excited I have been about that?  Thank goodness for the odd bit of high pressure coming our way - shame I don't think it will last and the wet and windy stuff will be back soon.

I took the YFG and we popped over to a nearby town and watched "Dad's Army" courtesy of the Tesco Clubcard vouchers, and then we went on to my dad's house for a couple of hours chatting over a cup of tea.

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(image from radiotimes.com)

The film was hilarious and we really enjoyed it.  It had some of my favourite senior actors showing off their skills, such as Tom Courtenay, Michael Gambon, and Bill Paterson. Then there were the younger chaps who were just as funny - the YFG nudged me a couple of times as I was laughing too much for her liking!  Catherine Zeta Jones was good but the other female actresses like Sarah Lancashire and Alison Steadman were also brilliant.  

The plot line is a little obvious but the costumes and sets seemed to be great, and it was just a good afternoon's outing.  When we got to my dad's and were telling him about it, he sounded intrigued and thought he might have to take his friend George and go to see it - that I would like to see!!

The YFG is revising hard for mock AS level exams in the first two days when she goes back to school next week, so she had her nose back to the grindstone this evening. A bit of an outing has done us both good though - and we have really enjoyed it.


Angela said...

My girls poke me if I am too noisy at the cinema too! Glad you enjoyed the film - I am still waiting to see it

Mrs Shoestring said...

Great to hear a positive review of the film as the critics have been a bit mixed in what they say.