Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Not normal but trying

Oh blimey, what a weekend that was!

An informal, fun, family worship time on Saturday afternoon [for which there is a proper trademarked name which the circuit has permission to use, but I don't so I had better not, but you possibly know what I mean] and there were kids having a lot of fun as well as slightly bemused adults wandering about, having a go at all sorts of crafts.  There was a treasure hunt, lots of food and worship - it was brilliant [but hard work!].

Sunday morning I was preaching, and then Sunday afternoon we ran a group for 11-16 year olds, the first in a once a month series. That was very relaxed and great fun, and the kids enjoyed the playing table tennis, board games, crafting and making their own pizzas for tea.  Slight mishap when one of the friends from the church here didn't turn up, which bemused me as she had been keen, and then she walked in with her son at 5.55pm just as we were clearing up - she had times muddled up and thought it was 6-8pm instead of 4-6pm unfortunately!

Image result for call the midwife 2016
(image from telegraph.co.uk)
Call the Midwife is dealing with the harrowing Thalidomide story in this series, and seems to be doing it sensitively and with a very caring ethos - but it is still desperately sad to watch.

By Sunday night, I was only fit for collapsing in front of the tv and enjoying Call the Midwife and Vera, and I had rather a lie in on Monday morning. I managed to work 50% more hours than I am contracted for last week so I am having time off in lieu this week and having less to do - which is a change!  I have had a whole day "off" today, and it has been great to recharge my batteries a bit.

The [sad!] highlight of the day for me was actually hanging a load of washing out on the line and being able to bring it in later, smelling properly fresh and clean with that outdoor smell in it - and then I also managed to get it ironed too - almost unheard of here lately.

Tonight the girls have enjoyed pancakes, and we have heard all about pancake traditions in Denmark and Austria as well as debating for nearly half an hour about the line of succession of the Danish and British Royal families, and the Danish girl asked a rather random question about how the situation of a gay monarch might be handled in either country.......the things that they come out with are never dull.


SusanM said...

I'm loving Call the Midwife. I find social history fascinating. A good friend told me that her mother suffered from terrible morning sickness and was offered Thalidomide but her father persuaded her not to accept it; thanks goodness.

Hope you don't mind me sharing a frugal tip with your readers; if you are in a partnership and one of you isn't earning anything or is earning less than the personal tax allowance, you can transfer part of your allowance to your spouse/civil partner. It is worth an extra £212 per year. We applied for our transfer online and the new tax code arrived in the post the following week. I think it takes effect from April this year but you can apply now. A friend tipped me off about this x

Bridget said...

I'm with you on hanging out the washing...it's the little things!
What a great conversation, I do love questions that make you think outside the box!

Mrs Tiggywinkle said...

I am going to our monthly Messy Church planning meeting tomorrow morning! I think it's fine to use the name as long as it is a real Messy Church. What a busy weekend you had - I take my hat off to you, you have well and truly earned your time off this week. Take care. x