Sunday, 14 February 2016

Four single women

So it's Valentine's Day today and there are four single females in this house who are not in the thrall of this particular love feast.  The Dane went to the city yesterday and was amused to see that the Card Factory shop had a line of men waiting to get in the door, as did Pandora - last minute shopping at its best, obviously!  She noticed that there weren't a lot of women in panic mode.  She also had a meal in a little cafe, and was a bit bewildered to see the stares of the couples in the booths around her - she was fine going to the shops on her own, and having a meal but apparently, those eating around her in cosy couples were a little uncomfortable with her there.

So it hasn't cost us a penny to celebrate, because we aren't!  My Facebook feed has had some local floristry establishments advertising bouquets and bunches of roses at astronomical prices, and there have been ads on the radio for Aldi, which is also selling a wide range of Valentine's flowers, at slightly more reasonable prices.  The FH and I used to exchange the occasional card in the early years, but we didn't really do much latterly - it was more about every day things than a huge declaration on one day of the year.

And actually, there is so much more to life than romantic love, isn't there? There's loving our children, our relatives, our parents, our friends and neighbours, our communities, our church families,  and even our enemies, as Jesus said.  Some are more challenging than others!


Meanqueen said...

I like to spread my love around, rather than direct it to one person where it might not be appreciated or valued. It means diluting it, but I have a little bit to share with everyone.

Frugal in Bucks said...

Hi, we don't bother with it all, in fact we are cocking a snoop (that's an old saying isn't it and I'm not really sure that's right or what it means but hey ho) at most commercialism. We do birthdays and Christmas but on a small scale.
I often think of you by the to you and the girls. X

SusanM said...

We spent the morning on the beach (white sand and dunes due to snow but the sun was shining up until lunchtime). We took sandwiches, fruit and a flask. When we were first married (a long time ago) we bought Valentine cards and perhaps a little gift but we don't bother now.

Angela said...

I noticed in the supermarket on Tuesday that all the leftover bouquets [ad there were a lot] were half price. I suspect many people are reacting against the commercialism