Saturday, 15 October 2011

Winter preparations

I have just updated the Winter Preparations page with a few more of the things I can cross off the list - we have had the oil tank topped up, I have sorted some candles and matches and torches out, and I found some hot water bottles and bought two. Just have to knit or make some covers for them to make them more cosy to cuddle...

We managed to get a couple of pence per litre off the price of the oil by arranging a delivery jointly with our neighbour who also needed to top up. The company, Goff's of Kings Lynn, also allowed us to apply the OAP discount that the FH is entitled to, to the whole delivery, so I was very pleased, as the neighbour was as well, as he is only in his late 40s, I think!

We haven't had the woodburner alight yet this year, although temperatures are definitely beginning to drop in the early mornings, like now, and in the evenings. I can see it being lit soon, perhaps this weekend. We are still being careful and using rugs and jumpers - there is no point using energy if we are not taking some measures to get warm as well - I see houses where the heat is clearly on and windows are open because it is too hot inside, and people are walking around in the house half naked! What a waste of energy and money....

And with Winter comes Christmas! I am beginning to make more efforts in my preparations for that too. I have plans for some presents - and I even have some presents organised already, which is a relief. I am fully stocked with Christmas cards, wrapping paper and tags, but I may need sellotape! I have one present ready for the YFG as she has mentioned something and I bought it when I saw it. I also have a stash of Tesco Clubcard vouchers, and going by the tally on the receipts, I should be getting a pleasing amount in the next round of vouchers, so they will go towards Christmas too - not necessarily in grocery shopping as I may be able to use some of them for presents in Rewards - I know of at least one subscription to a magazine I can get for one person, and then I will get some cinema tickets for the Christmas holidays too. I have built up the balance a little with the extra vouchers that they have sent me for acquiring bonus points, and taken advantage of an offer to get 500 points on ink cartridges too! I need the ink, so why not get the points too?

I am also planning to reduce the number of chickens I have to reduce the costs of overwintering them whilst they are unproductive. Plans for my life have changed and breeding chickens is no longer a big part of them, so I will be gradually moving the chickens on to new homes, or the freezer, over the next two years, and I don't plan to breed more, or buy more either.

On another topic entirely, it is a bright but chilly morning out there, but as I type I can see a young lady who has turned 12 today, quite literally flying around the estate on a new bike she must have had for her birthday. The huge grin on her face tells me that she is clearly delighted with her birthday gift, and her brother is having a hard time keeping up with her as she pedals like mad! The YFG is going to her birthday tea tonight, so I am sure we will hear all about it. Happy Birthday, T :-)

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