Monday, 10 October 2011

One day at a time

I've plodded along through these past few days, taking it all one day at a time!

Thursday was a busy day with the Headteacher's performance management meetings in the morning and then a book sale at the school in the afternoon - lots of books to lug about. Came home and collapsed.

Friday was Knit and Natter at chapel and then gym - the last session I had to run without the Head Coach.

Saturday we were up at 5.45am to get everyone ready as the girls needed to be at the start of a long walk at 7am. They were walking laps of 6 miles to raise money for the Guide unit in the village - the day dawned cold but dry, but the EFG got wet later on. She managed 13 miles, and the YFG did 10. By the time I got home from gymnastics, the EFG was fast asleep on the sofa and the YFG was tucked up in my bed watching a DVD.

Sunday was another very early start, as we loaded up three trios of GPOs and took them over to Peterborough to the showground where the Autumn Show was held. They were penned up early and then we met up with UJ and later with my cousin, and we walked around, did some shopping, chatted with some people we met up with by accident, and had a picnic in the car. The chooks all sold by 1pm, so I collected my share of the profit after the poultry society had taken their cut, and we toddled off home. UJ took the FH with him, and they came straight home whereas the girls and I had to do a little shopping for some tea. We had done some shopping at the show - the EFG chose a beautiful wind chime with a dragon on the top of it. The dragon is jointed and moves gracefully.

And then today - I have been on a Safer Recruitment training course for the whole day. My brain is slightly fried, and I am quite tired from sitting still and lack of fresh air. I am glad I don't sit in a classroom all day any longer...some of the tales we were told today are quite harrowing to imagine, and it has given me a lot of food for thought about how we protect children in schools today. It is a Huge responsibility...

And tomorrow - back to school in the morning and then gym in the afternoon. I am looking forward to some time at home on Wednesday, although I have to attack the red mite problem again. I have bought some Poultry Shield to spray around, as it comes highly recommended. Fingers crossed xx

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