Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Three down

The Head Coach went away last Thursday night, so we have managed three sessions without him so far - just one more to go! Last Friday and Saturday's sessions were OK, but yesterday's was the most challenging as my voice has diminished to such an extent that I have to use a very deep tone to make any noise at all, and that was a surprise for the girls to hear such a deep voice! There were just three of us last night to run the classes, but we did OK, and the girls worked hard. We always run the classes slightly differently when he is not there, as we work co-operatively, rather than doing as we are told by a boss, and so there is a change in the atmosphere. Not that it is bad when he is there, it is just different - I am sure that you will know what I mean - two women running things are going to do things in a different way to one man....I will be glad to have him back on Saturday though, as I have had enough of the responsibility this week, feeling as rough as I do.

The FH had to take the EFG for a routine hospital check yesterday and she saw a new consultant with some different ideas. He thinks she might have some of the symptoms of PCOS, and is also concerned about her insulin levels, so she has to be taken back to the hospital Monday morning before 8am to the ward for a blood test. Hope we get somewhere soon with all of this.

I have booked a holiday for all of us next June half-term - in Yorkshire, on the coast near Bridlington, and I am so looking forward to it. I have had to check with UJ that he is OK to come and house sit here for us whilst we go, and he is fine with that. The holiday home is a log cabin, and looks lovely - two twin bedded rooms, each with an ensuite shower room, and a lovely open plan kitchen/dining area/lounge. Enough room, but not huge. Bridlington is about four hours away, so it won't be an arduous journey, and it is close enough to Filey, Scarborough, Whitby even, that we have lots of places to go - and I am sure that there are loads of things to do in the area. Hopefully in June the weather will be decent - I am going to say "decent" rather than "wonderful" because going on this year's record, it may not be that great, but it should be OK! I have paid the deposit now, so it is all systems SAVE for the rest of the costs!

Today: a couple of meetings at school - 11am and then 1pm. Tomorrow: a meeting with the school inspector at 9.30am for a couple of hours, and then running a book sale in the afternoon. Fingers crossed that the FH's foot is OK today so that he is able to do the piano lesson run tomorrow; he had to go to the nurse yesterday for some acupuncture for gout in his toe! Seems to have worked but he is going back next week for a top up appointment.

Off to get started on the day now that the honey and hot lemon drink has done some good.

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