Saturday, 22 October 2011

Sloe, sloe, quick, quick, sloe!

The sloes are in the gin, and are being shaken up occasionally. One litre bottle, one 75cl bottle and a kilner jar with what wouldn't fit back into the gin bottles. Never having made it before, I went for a middle of the range gin - not the Value/Basics version, nor a branded gin, but a Sainsbury's own brand at a respectable price.

I have sold three GPO pullets and a Cockerel to one of the FH's beekeeping mates for his sister's birthday present - he came and collected them this afternoon, so that was a little money in my pockets towards the £70 feed bill I will have to pay on Monday! I am going back to buying it in bulk as the feed shop's deliveries have been unreliable - it has been very frustrating the last twice I have been in there to find that they haven't had sufficient delivered and have sold out already.

We have watched "Strictly Come Dancing" tonight - and the two favourites are Chelsee and Jason at the moment - and there doesn't seem to be anyone else coming close! The rest will have to buck up their ideas and fast!

The girls are on Half-term holidays now - so I'll try to post a bit more often. Hugs to all out there, especially those with heavy loads to bear. xx


Albedo said...

I brew my own vodka (using extra strong yeast and brewers sugar) at about 23% ABV for approx £1 a litre, then I make batches of sloe vodka and elderberry vodka (2 gallons each) with dried fruits (can't get fresh ones up here, no hedgerows!) + last time I made a gallon of cranberry vodka with fresh cranberries as well. All for about 20 quid. It's good stuff too, the sloe one I'm drinking now is over a year old and the elderberry is like a decent port!

saving for travel said...

Love sloe gin and I'm enjoying the dancing too.

Sft x