Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday fun!

We made it to the end of the week - I thought that getting used to the early starts again was going to finish us off yesterday, and we did struggle a little this morning...there was much muttering along the, "Just five more minutes!" lines, but they got to school on time!

I made a Mary Berry sponge this morning after I made the breakfasts so that I could take it with me to the Knit and Natter session this morning at chapel. One or two ladies were saying that it was even more delicious because they knew how fresh it was as it was still warm! It went down well, anyway. I sat and knitted for about an hour with the ladies, having finished the first set of wristwarmers so I started on another pair as the EFG has laid claim to the first ones. I must get the side seams sown up and then she can have them.

This afternoon I had my first meeting at school with the new Head; it went well and I get the impression that we are on the same wavelength and will get along well. We face a heavy workload this year as we are on the up, and there is still a lot to do, but I can be confident that there will be significant improvements made by the end of the year. The village will soon have a school to be proud of!

After that, I nipped off to the town to meet the girls who had walked round to the Head Coach's house. We have to move the gym equipment back to our "home" gym tomorrow and there were some preparations to do for that - taking the legs off the beams and things like that. We are meeting a man with a van there in the morning for a couple of hours' work, and then the new term begins again for gym on Tuesday.

Tonight the FH has gone out with his friend to a beekeepers' meeting. I don't know how late they will be back, but I think that it will be good for him to go out and re-connect with some of the people he knew at the club 20 years ago when he was last a member before he came to Scotland. The girls are upstairs, doing things - the YFG is on the computer, and the EFG has a friend on the phone who has just called up about some homework. I had thought of calling my sister tonight but this girl talks for England so I have no chance!

And with the return to school comes the return of the School Washing - the chore that involves getting the school uniforms and PE kits washed and ready to go again over the weekend, and typically means I am ironing shirts on Sunday evenings. I am going to do and put the dark load in now so that they are ready to hang out before I go out in the morning.

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