Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Taking stock

Yesterday I did take the girls out. We were all getting a bit of cabin fever, and wanted to see the world again, if only for an hour or two! I didn't, however, take them to the cinema, as they weren't up early enough. I was busying myself around the house, washing and tidying things, and was quite happy to carry on, so since they couldn't get themselves up on time, we didn't go. We will go one day, though! We went out at 2.30 and were home by 5pm - we only went to the town, with the primary ambition on having a scout for some shoes for the EFG. Several shops didn't have any she liked, so we had a look in Tesco - and came out with my purse considerably lighter.

I bought them a pair of trousers each, several pairs of socks, a belt for the YFG, and then I stocked up on toiletries on offer, and some washing liquid I like. With the VAT rise coming in January, I know that these things are going to go up a little, so since I had the money available, I bought them now to save a few pennies. I am not daft - I know that I have only saved the pennies but it is as they say - "Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves" - and so those things are now stashed around the house, and we won't have to think about buying them for about six months!! Thinking ahead, I did as I always do and bought next year's Christmas crackers from the reduced stand as well as several packets of half-price Christmas cards - I had run out this year and had to buy a couple of packets at full price, and that hurt! I am prepared for 2011 now! I also bought a very nice mug for a friend's present next year - she loves blue and white crockery and it is from a range from the Victoria & Albert Museum - she will love it!!

So, today. We are heading out at about 11am to go up to Lincolnshire to my cousin's for lunch. My aunt and uncle will be there too, so it will be lovely to spend some time with them and catch up on all their news. I haven't seen my aunt and uncle since August Bank Holiday, so it has been a couple of months, although my cousin did pop down to see us a month or so back. My cousin is starting a new business venture this year, which is quite exciting, so there will be lots to talk about, and the YFG is very interested in her dogs, so there will probably be a walk on the agenda too. The YFG is hoping to call in at an Asda on the way to see if they have a Wii game that she wants to spend some of her Christmas money on - Just Dance 2 - so time for that will have to be factored into the day as well.


silversewer said...

Thank you for your question re the steamer I have answered it on the relevant page. If you had messaging I would have sent you a message.

I have started reading your posts from the beginning, fascinating, have you seen the frugledom web site? Very interesting, I will post you the link if you want.

Off back to read a bit more.....

Morgan said...

Thanks for telling me about Frugaldom - I just Googled it and will be spending time there this evening having a good look around!

Yes, the question about the steamer! I woke up this morning and realised that I would have to go back and look in the hope that you would answer - so I'll hope I remember where I asked it - I am not even sure I asked on the post where you had talked about it - silly me!!

Anyway - in mutual appreciation - have to say I love your blog!