Thursday, 23 December 2010

Mince pies and more

The pastry I made last night from the Delia recipe worked well - except that the FH didn't know I could make puff pastry and ridiculed it as "bought" stuff, saying that it was not as good as my home made pastry - I think that was a back-handed compliment. Anyway, once he had been educated, he thought it was nice! I have put some more butter in the freezer tonight to make some more puff pastry tomorrow for sausage rolls and coconut tarts - my dad loves coconut tarts and he will be here on Boxing Day so they are for him.

Today's mince pies have been delivered to various destinations - most are in a tin in the kitchen, ready for the family and visitors to enjoy; some were delivered today to the Head Coach from gym, who loves a good mince pie - and for the man who has everything, something for his stomach is a safe bet when you can't think what to get him for Christmas! We also took a small parcel with us when we went to stock up on chicken food - the chaps at the shop are very kind about loading the car up for me, so that was a little treat for them - they also got a little box of home-made fudge. Two bags of pies are also tucked away in the freezer for later on in the festive season!

The YFG returned home from a sleepover at lunchtime, and then she accompanied me around and about as I finished up all the last minute pick ups and deliveries. We visited my sister to drop off her gifts and pick up her gifts for the girls, and we had to go to the shop as the FH complained because I hadn't bought any lemonade...a man of simple pleasures!!

So, what will tomorrow bring? Probably no more snow at the moment - but some more baking is on the agenda as well as some last minute cleaning chores like washing the kitchen floor as there is no point doing that until the baking is finished. The turkey came out of the freezer this morning, and I will be preparing as much as I can tomorrow - the veg, the brandy butter, the stuffing balls - and putting the icing on the cake! The presents are all wrapped, the cards posted and delivered........tomorrow evening I will be looking forward to putting my feet up!

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