Friday, 10 December 2010

Bugs and burst pipes!

I have been suffering with a stomach bug now for just over a week, so I am not doing much at all. I am very pleased with how independent and mature the girls have proved to be, as they are managing to get themselves out of the house in the morning to go to school with no input from me - they are making their lunches and their breakfast. They go out of the house looking smart and shout out, "Love you!" as they go.

The FH has had to take over the care of the chooks, which has been challenging for him, but they are all doing OK. They will get cleaned out next week when I am better.

The burst pipe seems to have happened last night - in the workshop this morning the FH found about an inch of water all over the floor. The pipe to the water heater over the hand basin is the one which burst, so that is a lesson learned. For now, he has turned the water off at the stopcock in there and will sort it out when it is a little warmer.

So, this episode of illness has taught me that I am not indispensible, and that things go on - we have had to put plans in place for the YFG to lead the preschool session at gym tomorrow morning, and a Songs of Praise tomorrow evening at chapel will go ahead anyway, of course - I have planned the service, put it together, arranged the readings and the participants, but the FH and the girls will actually lead the service for me.

It has also meant that I have had a bit of time for rest and recuperation! I have read a few books, watched some tv, done some knitting etc and generally had a rest - although I have been a little bored at times - I am definitely looking forward to getting better and being able to take part in the preparations for Christmas. I have done an internet shop at Sainsbury's to be delivered on the 20th, so I hope that the weather doesn't deteriorate and prevent that happening!

Hope everyone else is OK!


Mrs. Mac said...

feel better soon ..

Colleen said...

An enforced rest for you! When my doctor asked me in October if I wanted a flu shot, I declined, saying that the flu would be me a few days rest from life.

Hope you feel better, soon!

Morgan said...

Thanks, Colleen - two weeks now of rest is beginning to get a tad boring! I'm still knitting, and getting plenty of sleep, as well as catching up on some dire daytime TV shows - but I can't find my stash of Christmas cards so I am beginning to panic slightly about getting any sent!!!