Thursday, 16 December 2010

I'm not ready........

Nearly a week has past since I have last blogged here - sorry! I've been doing a lot of thinking (uh, oh!) and realised that my illness has largely been down to stress rather than a bug. I've had time to think, time to relax and let my mind wander - all that knitting is really rather meditative. So, on Tuesday, I got up and decided to attack the thing which has caused me the most stress - the school governor situation.

I made some phone calls, I am sure I have made a little stir, and things are happening. Most importantly, I am getting the professional support I need from various agencies in order to help the school to progress. And I feel better - I have spread the load. I have a mentor assigned to me as a new Chair, so I bent her ear as well, and she reassures me that I am doing OK, and reminded me that actually, we do this job as volunteers, for nothing, and should be treated with some respect, not as dogsbodies! So that helped, too.

I have also been plodding around the house - not in a despondent kind of mood, but in terms of doing one thing at a time and not thinking of the next 10 things I need to do!! Taking my time, sitting and reading a book near the fire for an hour if I feel like it, knitting a spell, hanging the washing up and then doing something I enjoy for a while. So if People have rung to ask how I am, I have said, "Plodding along!" and felt quite happy about it.

But, I am not ready for Christmas - the cake has not been draped in marzipan, the tree is not up, the lounge is not cleaned, the parcels have yet to be posted.......but so what? I still have a week!! I'll keep at it a little at a time and it will be done, eventually. I have done some things - ordered oil for the heating, the ironing, sent the Christmas cards to the post, sent some messages to friends. We are warm, dry and well fed - and together - and that is what matters!


Wannabe Sybil said...

Knitting is great meditation. I have listened to religious tapes and history programmes while knitting as keeping my hands occupied stops me fidgetting and helps me concentrate. Also I have watched utter drivel, knitted and let my mind wander over plots.

Perhaps it is like Benedictine work or a rosary - the hands are kept busy to still the mind.

Also you get sweaters. And you are, willing to bet you half a dollar, more prepared than I am! WS x

Morgan said...

YOU, my friend, get sweaters ;-) I get lots of squares which I am now trying to fathom how to join together to make something vaguely useful!!

Wannabe Sybil said...

I get half finished sweaters, half finished blankets and scarves - and a lot of tranquility! (yes, I am wearing a sweater I knitted, but that's just a coincidence). I always feel that if I do finish anything it is a bonus, and I do sometimes end up with results.

Also, squares are useful, and you can always knit bits to add on in the right shape for whatever you fancy. Round the shoulder blankets are brilliant! Or dusters, or kneeling pads. And I bet the squares look good.

I am really glad you are feeling a bit better. Please be kind to yourself, it is not the weather to rush back into the thick of things. WS x

Morgan said...

I rushed too much yesterday and was woken up at 11.30am this morning, having slept the morning away!!