Sunday, 17 January 2010

Whirlwind Sunday

Sundays are turning out great just lately. I seem to steam through the day, getting tonnes done and yet not feeling at all stressed or rushed - I wish every day was like this! Uncle J is here for the weekend - he came Saturday afternoon and will leave us again on Monday.

We started off at church at 9.30. I was leading the service today; we had fun playing some games and learning a couple of "new" hymns - they weren't new to me, but they seemed to be new to some of the congregation, but one lady said what beautiful words one of them had and how it was a really good choice, so I was relieved that they weren't cross that I had chosen it and they didn't know it. The whole theme of the day was love - so that was a really uplifting and positive start to the day.

After church, I was busy in the kitchen, preparing lunch - good old roast chicken with roast potatoes (they are much more crisp if they are put into COLD oil - try it!), carrots, cabbage and sprouts, stuffing and gravy. I also baked a coffee and walnut sponge cake for tea, and made a chocolate and pear pudding for lunch.

Lunch was ready at about 2pm, and after clearing away and loading the dishwasher, I headed out to clean out the henhouses. Today has been the first fine day for ages and I had to take advantage of the weather! About two hours later, the chicken houses were fresh and clean again, and the girls were keen to get moved back in, as by the time I had finished, it was beginning to get dark and they were wanting to head for bed! However, I found some egg-citing (!!) discoveries this afternoon: three eggs - they are starting to lay again - hooray and hallelujah.
One was under a perch, one was in a nest box (sensible girl) and one, unfortunately, was under a table in the verandah, and was broken.

A shower was an absolute must after all that - then we sat down for a lovely cup of tea and a piece of cake. It is scrummy and between the five of us, we have almost demolished it!

This evening, I have cleaned the kitchen with the YFG, scrubbed the floor and washed most of the cabinet doors down. She spent most of the afternoon clearing out the hallway - she took ALL my books off the shelves in there to dust them and the shelves. Not sure she is feeling OK. She certainly didn't get that from me - but hey, it looks great now she is done. I have had instructions to sort the utility room out whilst she is at school tomorrow. I want to do our bedroom too as there is a chronic shortage of storage (either that or too many clothes - which is more likely?) and it is a tip.

All the ironing got done whilst I was watching "Wild at Heart" on ITV, and now the girls are tucked up in bed, and I am trying to catch up on here for five minutes.

The EFG is still suffering with the cough, although it is getting better and she coughs less often.

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