Sunday, 10 January 2010

Poop patrol

After sorting out the chickens with their hot mash this morning, I decided that the verandah area really had to be tackled. This weather has meant that the chooks have enjoyed coming out of their run and making a temporary daytime base under the verandah - and who can blame them? They get whatever sun there is, they are protected from wind, rain and snow, and then can peep in at us! Unfortunately, it means that the garden furniture has been rather liberally covered in their poop, as well as the top of the freezers (not so bad) and the stone slabs on the floor are quite sticky too.

So today, I started with the furniture - the covers are washable, so I was out there with a bucket of hot, soapy water and a scrubbing brush to clean them. Luckily the weather today turned milder so it was OK to be out there for the best part of an hour. The wind has picked up this afternoon and is much colder so I am glad I tackled the job this morning. Once I had cleaned all the chairs, I put them in the garage for storage and protection until the sitting-out weather is here again (I am SO looking forward to spring this year!!).

The freezer tops will have to be scrubbed as well but I had done enough this morning and really needed to come in to warm myself up so that can go on tomorrow's list. The slabs will need scrubbing with hot water and a stiff brush but that chore will have to wait until the weather improves enough for the chooks to be shut up in the runs again. The FH has thoughts of enclosing the verandah, which seems like a good plan to me but I have to wait for him to have the energy and the weather to be suitable.......might have to wait a while.

The YFG and I have been to town this afternoon to try to get her some shoes but we failed again and will have to make the trip to the specialist shop in Downham Market. We also took four bags of rubbish to the tip, and bought more cough medicine for the EFG. She will be going to school tomorrow to see how she gets on, but if she is sent out of too many lessons because of her cough, she'll be back at home. I know that it will be affecting her attendance rate, but she can't help being ill!! Apparently, teachers send children out of lessons if they are coughing too much as they are causing a disruption! If they need to be sent out more than a couple of times, they are they sent to the medical room, and from there, home. Let's hope she makes it through the day as she is beginning to have some concerns about what she might be missing.

We didn't make it to church this morning, which was a bit of a problem. I am doing a Worship Leaders' course, and our homework was to observe the service this morning with a bit of a critical eye, and to make some notes to share next week. That's me in trouble already! What with the coughing, me having a cold and a sore throat, we didn't sleep well last night and then I slept right through the alarms this morning, so we were getting up about 20 minutes after the service started. Whoops.

Welcome to my latest follower - can't believe that there are six of you now - do send me a comment some time and tell me where you are from!

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