Thursday, 21 January 2010

Resting now and again

Tuesday was such a busy day that I spent most of Wednesday asleep or reading, curled up in the chair near the fire! Tuesday saw me rushing about in the morning, doing the things that needed to be done at home, but then in the afternoon, I had the Worship Leaders' course at church at 1pm, then off to pick up the EFG from school and then go to her Parents' Evening at school, then to gym for the rest of the evening. I had begun to realise by 8pm that I was getting to the end of my energy for the day, but I hadn't realised how tired I was until I got up on Wednesday and just couldn't get going!!

Anyway, today has been better and I have plodded instead of rushing! We have been out this morning, had a long-overdue chat with my lovely neighbours, watched some TV, read a book, made a cake, walked the mile to school to pick up the YFG, who was pleasantly surprised that we were walking, and delighted that her friend T was walking too so we all chatted all the way home! And the sun was out so that made the walk all the nicer. The girls have both had friends round after school - the EFG and her friend took the friend's dog for a walk on the common land on the estate (it's a lovely little terrier, aobut 12 or 14 weeks old, I think) and the YFG and her friend played on the Wii until she had to go home for dinner and we sat down to eat ours.

This evening I had my dad phoning me on his mobile from the cruise ship in the Caribbean, asking me to put some credit on his phone for him, but the phone cut out just as he was telling me his phone number! I did 1471 but the number wasn't available - so I had to phone the cruiseship at £3 a minute, so my conversation was limited to "What's the number?" and "Which network?" Having got the information I needed, I got onto the web and did the deed for him.

More eggs! Yippee! Two more yesterday and three more today - the girls are beginning to get the hang of this but they are not always laying them in the nestboxes, yet...

The FH and I had a while clearing out some stuff in the garage and found some old photo albumns - one with the very first photos of the EFG including the scan picture, and one with our wedding photos (taken by the EFG's godfather). Gosh, I looked different then, way back in '96 - the EFG can't get over the size of my glasses - they are not quite as bad as Deirdre's on Coronation Street but they are definitely out of today's fashion!!

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