Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Paper, paper and more paper

I am feeling overwhelmed with organisational issues at the moment - just how to keep track of all this paperwork?! I have come home from a school board meeting with a folder full, I will get more at the Worship Leaders' course tomorrow, and there are Risk Assessments to be written for gym, so there are several significant heaps of!

I am the first to admit that I am not a tidy person - whenever I get things tidy, they get untidy pretty quickly. I tried Flylady, and couldn't hack the pace, and it didn't seem relevant to my life - she talks about keeping the entryways clear, I am more interested in keeping the verandah clear of chicken poop, so we clearly have very different priorities in life. I do have filing cabinets, two of them, in the garage, probably full of junk I should clear out. I don't like filing like that, though, much preferring ring binders so things are contained more securely - but I am acquiring a surfeit of ring binders now. Maybe I am just keeping too much stuffffffffffffff!

Had to go to buy more chicken food today, and some material for the EFG's school sewing project, no - sorry - her "technology" project - six weeks to DESIGN the thing, and two weeks to make it. Something wrong there. Students Need Home Economics classes so that they have the skills to live in the big wide world, because too many parents these days are either a) too busy to teach their children or b) don't know themselves. Rhonda Jean's blog should be on the curriculum to teach them about budgeting, gardening, baking, etc because that would make a whole lot more sense than spending eight weeks designing a pizza box - and the FH used to be a technology teacher. This was back in the day, though - students made furniture and useful items, and learned the beginnings of a trade with him, not how to make jitterbugs (don't ask!).

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Anonymous said...

I too like things organised and tidy, and yet being messy find this inexplicably impossible. Add a messy husband and two messy children (and even a messy cat who can't eat over her dish) and I live in a constant 'catching-up' mode.