Monday, 13 June 2016

Football and farewell

There is no need to buy a television guide for the foreseeable future. Football is on, all the time!

In other news, the EF girls have left. The Austrian walked off down the platform when I dropped her at the station after we shared a hug, and she was gone.  A very independent girl, she seems to concentrate on looking forward to the next adventure.

The Dane was a different departure all together. We went out for a meal on Saturday night and had a lovely time. We came home and continued to try to finish her Downton marathon, before giving up and all heading to bed around 11.30pm. Sunday morning we watched a bit more, squeezed her suitcase closed, and things started to get a bit too real for her.  By the time we got to the appointed bus station, the tears and jitters had begun, and we had to have a lot of hugs. As she said, she came over here and built a new life for 10 months, and now she has to walk away from everything here and get back to normal in Denmark.  Bless her!  She's had a night at an EF camp for the farewell prom and will fly home today.  We've had a couple of exchanges on Facebook messenger this morning and she's OK so far.  My girls have already noted that it is quieter here without her.

And the farewells will go on - my two are off to Glasgow and Stirling from Wednesday till Saturday so that the EFG can chaperone the YFG around the two uni open days up there. It will be VERY quiet here on my own!!

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Sue in Suffolk said...

By the time you have adjusted to the P & Q your two will be home again!
has your youngest changed her plans on where to go for uni or is she still shopping around?