Sunday, 14 August 2016

Girls home tomorrow

The boat will dock early in the morning at Southampton and they will be off by 9am and on the bus back up here!  I am really looking forward to having them home again and hearing all their news. The YFG turned 17 yesterday and has a driving lesson booked for this week, so we have that excitement to look forward to, and I am hoping to make her a late birthday cake in the morning.  She and the EFG will be coming back to a different station and then we will be going to the supermarket to restock the fridge: I have hardly bought anything all week, and the fridge is looking rather bare - and there certainly isn't any of their kind of food lurking around the place.......I shall do a bit of a stock
take in the morning.

What a day we are having in the Olympics!  I am so chuffed with the men's gymnastics individual finals today - two Golds for Max Whitlock on the Floor and Pommel and a Silver for Louis Smith on Pommel.  You could see that he was desperately disappointed not to have achieved the Gold himself, but I think that in the spirit of comradeship, he would have been pleased for Max.  Andy Murray is playing now in the Gold medal match for singles tennis, and there's a Golf Gold as well for TeamGB. We're third in the medal table tonight and although I have no idea how long that will last, it is pretty special to see it for now! We were very briefly second, but that didn't last too long.....

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