Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Quick catch up

  • The YFG has left this morning for her Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition to Yorkshire. They are starting and finishing in Scarborough and it was an early start to leave the school at 6am, but they are looking forward to a MacDonald's breakfast on the way. She did load up with some porridge before she left, but the more calories she can take on board before they start, the better, I think: she doesn't have an awful lot of food in the pack for the four days, and I am sure she will have lost weight when she gets back!
  • The weather is playing havoc with me keeping the weeds under control in the garden and I have given up!  All I am doing now is managing to keep the grass to a reasonable level......
  • UJ has been away to the coast with my sister for a week, and we are looking forward to seeing him tomorrow and catching up with his news.
  • The EFG helped collect donations at a Food bank drive in Tesco last week, and I worked the same thing in a different Tesco last Saturday morning - I am relieved to be able to say that both received very generous donations, and people were generally very supportive.
  • My dad has had to have a chest x-ray. He's not doing brilliantly. We have to wait until he sees the doctor on Friday to get the results, but I am hoping that the doctor will advise him about the wisdom of the August cruise, as I really don't want them to go if he is not well enough.
  • Work is going well, and I am still enjoying it........which is good!!  I am getting fed up of people telling me how tired I look, though, so I have had to invest in some proper make-up. Getting up at 4.30am this morning will not help matters, but I shall have an early night tonight. I am NOT tired!
  • Much love to all of you who keep reading, now that posting is more sporadic. See you again later this week.


Bless said...

Sounds like your days are full, but all of it in a good way. Post as and when you can. I enjoy reading about your days.

Sandra Ann said...

Thanks for updating! Make up works wonders!! Early starts not great :-(

Ali said...

Hi Morgan, I am tired but that's because I have just driven to Harris and back and got up very early to catch the boat to St Kilda - magical place. Had a special time with friends who insisted I didn't cook all week AND swam in the sea! So I should be well rested. .. Girls went off on thier bronze DOFE today to the Pembs coast in rain and wind. The dog and I are all Cosy at home. Have a good July x