Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Cooling down and gearing up

Thank goodness the heatwave has passed and we can breathe more easily - I am just not cut out for such searing has been much cooler and fresher.  The garden is going mad, though, and despite collecting 9 courgettes from the plants last week, I have gathered another 8 tonight. It is that time of year when people are afraid to answer their door to me in case I am offering more courgettes - my courgette recipe folder is out and being well used!  The French beans are also laden with gorgeous green beans and the tomatoes in the greenhouse are ripening nicely.

The girls are off on their holidays with Grandypops a week on Monday, and so the preparations are beginning in earnest now......the cases, the shopping, the washing, the choosing....the slight panic!  They are getting a little excited now that the time is drawing nearer.  Dad's health isn't great and he will be getting another MOT at the doctor's next Friday to ensure that the doctor is happy that he is fit to go. Fingers crossed as he really loves his cruises and finds them so relaxing. I doubt he will get off the boat at all this time.

My hours at work are set to increase again, possibly in September, so I will be as good as full time. The YFG has realised that she will miss me, when the EFG returns to Abz and I am at work. She has admitted that the foreign girls were good company, so I think she will find that it takes a little getting used to; the year before the girls came, I was working the phone job and so I was here most of the time for her when she was out of school.  Mmmm. We'll have to see how that one goes in September: the EFG has her date set for her return, and her journey is all planned now.

Hope you are all doing well - I do keep an eye on most of the blogs when I stop for a cuppa now and again!  Love to you all xx


Lyssa Medana said...

It is going to be so odd for YFG, but I'm sure she will be fine - you've done a good job with her.

I am also glad that things are a little cooler. Hope things continue well. x

Bridget said...

Things have cooled down here a lot in Dorset. I do wish it was sunny by day and light rain by night. It takes forever to water my hanging baskets!