Monday, 16 May 2016

Mid May already!?

I can't believe how quickly time is passing but summer is beginning to peep around the corner, and the sun has been shining on the Fens today.

Thank you for your messages. Stuff's happening, and things are changing......the EFG will be home for the summer in only two sleeps [yes, still count sleeps!] and the poor YFG has 4 AS level exams this week, so stress and tension levels in the house are running high.

The Austrian leaves on Wednesday for two weeks at home, then she'll be back for ten days before she actually leaves for good. The Dane is here till the 12th June but her exams will be over this week so she is planning some down time and excursions, as well as a spot of shopping as she has found UK prices to be more favourable than Danish ones!

Work is exciting, and I am working with an amazing team of folk whom I love to bits, and we are having a great time together, as well as facing up to some incredible challenges in the circuit......but God is good, as the boss keeps saying, and we had a fantastic circuit service yesterday with over 90 people coming together from most of the chapels to worship together - and the roof was loosened a little, even if it didn't come off altogether!

I spent Saturday at a conference about bereavement support, which was so interesting and informative, but I have to read all the course notes again and get it all into my head. There was so much to take in but I met some lovely people, and I will be able to keep in touch with some of them in the future.  I didn't have to travel too far to the conference, either, which was a bonus, as it was held at a church in Peterborough - the church is disguised as a conference centre and used for that as well, as it is modern and purpose built, and the conferences during the week must be a valuable income stream for the church too.

The raspberries are rampaging across the garden, the lawns have all been cut today, and there are seedlings coming through the veg beds now, as well as tomatoes in the greenhouse - UJ has been a bit busy and I keep it going from week to week, but couldn't do it without him!

The information and forms about candidating for ministry come out on the Methodist website in about two weeks and I am simultaneously scared and excited about the whole process and what I have to do.......I know I have some wonderful support here though so I am sure I will get through it if it is God's plan for me. If it isn't, the plan will become clearer as I go through the process.  Prayers and positive thoughts would be appreciated, though.

Thanks for all your kind words - I'll try to pop back again soon!


Angela said...

Praying for you, and all the other females in the household! X

Sue in Suffolk said...

Good to hear you are well and very busy by the sounds of things. I hope things go the right direction for you - whatever that may be. Suffolk Vibes being sent NW right now

SusanM said...

Lovely to hear all your news - you are busy and doing really well. Good luck to YFG with the exams. I can sympathise; my son has just sat 4 Advanced Highers (equivalent to your A Levels I think) in just over a week and is knackered!! It will be lovely to have EFG home. I hope that her exams have gone well. Our daffodils have gone past their best so I will tidy those up this weekend. We badly need rain up here (did I just say that?) Take care xx

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

Good to have occasional news about you and the girls. You are doing so well.

Take care, A & E

Lyssa Medana said...

Good to see you. Prayers for you continue - you are on the front line! x

veeknits19 said...

So lovely to hear from you, and I hope all goes well, Vee x

Ali said...

Glad to hear that everything is going so well. I am very busy with work too, lots of surveys to do in woods and grasslands. Struggling with keeping the grass cut at home and polytunnels up to scratch where 7 mth old collie Fern likes to dig, but I have just taken on paid help with that, and it is a relief. Missed David on our 23rd wedding anniversary last weekend, but my lovely friend and talented sculpter delivered to me a most beautiful limestone barn owl for my little memorial garden for David. Friends, great interesting work, lovely daughters - they are the greatest healers. I wish you love and luck with all yours ... including those taking exams. X