Sunday, 29 May 2016

Made it through

Just about got to the end of the month - boss lady has had her week's holiday on the North Norfolk coast and the administrator and I didn't let it all fall apart in her absence!  We had a fantastic "Songs of Praise" at one of our churches during the week, and I had to give a talk to a group of older ladies at their Sisterhood meeting - the male minister who is off sick was supposed to be doing that, but I got landed with it!  Inspiration did not strike at all, so they got "ten things you didn't know about me" which enabled me to waffle on about chickens, living in Scotland, lodgers, studying multiple languages, gymnastics, etc and they seemed amused, so it did the job!

Candidating for the church has hit a snag or three. The portfolio that I have to produce requires me to write reflections on a course of study in which I have participated for over 15 hours. If at HE/FE level, it can be within the last 5 years, but at any other level, it must be within the last three years. Mmmm - that means I have to go on a course PDQ in order to be able to write about one! Trouble is, the average "course" that I go on is for the day or a couple of hours, so I haven't been on a course of the required length for years, let alone in the last three years, with all that we have had going on here.  It is also a bit late to start an evening course now, as they all started for this term after Easter, and there is also a limited number of that sort of course available around here. This one is going to be a challenge!

And then I have to shadow a minister for 20 hours, which seems OK. BUT it has to be in a circuit much different from ours here - which pretty much means it will have to be a city circuit. Heading into Cambridge or Peterborough is going to be the only option there, I think. I had been offered rural north Lincolnshire, but I think that setting will be too similar to our own, unfortunately.

Boss lady has suggested that we start the process this year, but don't have it all ready for December this year, but aim for December 2017 which would take me for training from September 2018. True, it would give me more time, and perhaps that is the right approach. Got to think and pray about that one!

We are now on the two week countdown to the EF girls leaving.  Can't believe that ten months have passed this quickly but the calendar assures me that June is almost here!


Varis Creations said...

Would an online course be any use? I have done a couple of from - free online courses from universities in all sort of subjects. Some of the longer courses would amount to more than 15 hours and you can just fit them in when you have time!

Susan xx

Ali said...

I would take the slower approach if you can. You seem to have had a tremendously busy two years plus. I am going through my long and short term commitments, work, supporting the girls through exams, consolidating things at home and looking for ways to get things to slow down. I know I am feeling pretty exhausted after two years of holding life together since losing my husband. Now I am finding I am so busy with everything time is passing at speed and my girls are growing up quickly. So my aim now is to slow down space out the challenges and say no more! The new dog has slowed me down. She needs a couple of hours exercise a day, which has been really welcome - time for me to walk and reflect.

Enjoy summer with your girls. I turn 50 this year and am off to the Outer hebrides for a week in July with some friends mainly to visit St Kilda. It will be slow there! X

Morgan said...

@Susan - thanks, I will have a look at that site and see if it would fulfil the criteria, and whether there is anything I could do. Much appreciated xx

@Ali - I've long been working things out of my life: gymnastics has gone for me, and I am no longer involved in that, although I do do some taxiing of the YFG and she is doing her coaching exam next Sunday. School governing is heading for its last year - I shall be announcing at the AGM in September that it will be my last year as Chair and that they need to begin to look towards the next appointment. Twelve years as a Governor will have been a good contribution, I think! And the EF girls are leaving in 2 weeks, not to be replaced. That is all making a difference in my life - in a positive way.
Thank you for your wise words, though - and I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I was talking to the YFG only last night about a dream of two weeks in Scotland in a motorhome - an aim for the future, perhaps. xxx

veeknits19 said...

Lovely to hear from you, you have been busy as ever. I'm sure you will reach the right decision for you & the girls, but is there a need to rush?

I'm glad to see in your reply that you are streamlining your commitments, you have given a great deal & as life moves on others need to step up as you move on with your life. I'm sure they are very grateful for your contribution. As with the advice on airlines to put your own oxygen mask on before helping others, so it is in life, none of us are any help to others when we wear ourselves down with overwork & worry. Have a good June, & maybe a chance to relax, Vee xx

SusanM said...

I once did a distance learning short course through a college and an OU course. I think there are summer access courses in various subjects which can be done online and through the OU. Obviously start dates and prices may have to be considered.

Ali, I've just had my 50th birthday but am still to celebrate. St Kilda sounds wonderful. Have a wonderful time - you deserve it.

A motorhome would be an ideal way to see Scotland and much more comfortable than a tent! We were rained off Skye one summer - woke up to rain leaking through the tent at 6am, packed up and left. It had poured for 3 days continuously. Only plus side was that there were no midges. We also camped on Orkney many years ago and had lovely weather. Orkney is very special and there are lots of historical sights to see xx

Ali said...

Thank you Susan and Morgan. So excited as I hatched this plan on my 40th. Just hope the weather is favourable! X