Monday, 4 April 2016

Popping back

Sunday nights are good again - except that "The Durrells" is on ITV so I do have to put up with adverts.  Having read the book when I was at primary school, I had a vague recollection of the storyline and some of the characters, and the first episode last night was good.

Meet the cast of The Durrells
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Lots of things are going well at the moment - the EFG is home for three weeks, work is going well and the weather is perking up.

Unfortunately, I still don't have my new car but we won't worry too much about that or life will get depressing.

Grandad has booked another cruise in August for the girls to go along with him and his partner; the YFG is stressing about exams already; the EF girls leave in 10 weeks, and we are beginning to be ready for that - I shall miss them but I will also be glad to regain some privacy in the house, and some freedoms.

Hope you are all well, and thank you for reading xx


Angela said...

I really enjoyed the Durrells - all that Corfu sunshine made up for the Norfolk rain and thunder later

Bridget said...

I had to V+ a few programmes last night, The Durrells being one of them. There was quite a few good programmes on. Makes a change though!

Lyssa Medana said...

It's good to 'see' you! It sounds like you are very busy. Good luck with the car. I read all of Gerald Durrell's books when I was a kid. I must see if I can find this on catch up. Take care.x

SusanM said...

Good to catch up on all your news. All go here with coursework and exam preparation too. We visited Aberdeen university recently and thought of you. I sent you an email but no rush to reply - just when you have time (if you have time) x

Nearly Martha said...

We watch the Durrells on catch up. Week one was only 46 minutes long without the adverts!