Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Susan the Skoda

Susan the Skoda is feeling a bit poorly. She may actually be terminal......  We bought her back in 2012 from a friend, and she has been doing incredibly well for an older car - she has now achieved over 172, 000 miles, and was going very well last Thursday.  Friday morning, she sounded like she was sickening for something and was very reluctant to get going in the morning [know how she feels!] so I went straight to the garage we always use in the village. Chap agreed that she didn't sound right but couldn't fit her in until Monday.

I did ask what he thought about me going to the city to take the YFG to physio and he didn't recommend it, so I had to cancel that appointment. When I left the garage, I pottered slowly to the chapel where I parked her on the road outside and then went over the road to the school for a meeting.  Meeting over, worship lunch at the chapel done, and it was time to head home.  She really didn't want to start that time, so after a couple of attempts, I left her there and walked home, leaving the key with the chap at the garage on the way past, and asking him to recover her.

Long story shortened, I called in there today to see how it was progressing and it isn't!  We have ordered a part from ebay to see if it is the problem, because he really isn't sure and it isn't worth buying the part new at £175 if it may not be that. Since the value of the car is likely to be only a couple of hundred at most, it really isn't worth taking her in to a Skoda main dealer and having them spend hours of expensive labour on her.  The part will be at Argos on Wednesday so I can pick it up then and we can see if she feels better after that has been fitted. If not, she's probably off to the great scrap yard for Skodas.  Bless her, I don't want to write her off before her time is up, but I would quite like a new car - and I have seen one locally that would do.  Watch this space!  Serious savings will be on the cards if I have to go down that route.

In the meantime, we have a nice Ford Fiesta on a 65 plate from Avis so that I can keep going to work to earn the pennies!


Mindo said...

Sorry to hear that your car is unwell, it can be quite the dilemma when older cars need repairing. Hopefully the Ebay part will give you a good result, otherwise enjoy the "new to you" car!

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

I love my Skoda too, I bought her in 2009, she was an ex demo car, green line so cheap to tax, she is coming up to 7 years old. When she was MOT'd last year, the garage told me she would see us out. She has a very low mileage, under 40,000. Since we came back from Scotland we no longer do a lot of mileage.

Angela said...

Good that you are earning some extra pennies now, sad that the Skoda is not well. We love our Skoda too - 12yrs and counting...enjoy the Fiesta while you have it. x

Bless said...

Sorry to hear your car is not doing too well. Hope the new part will work and enable you to get more use out of your car. If not, go for the "new to you" car and may it give you several years of good service.

Meanqueen said...

Sad about the car, she has really served you well. That's a lot of miles, poor old thing. I get attached to my cars as well.