Thursday, 10 March 2016

Clocking in

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Yes, popping back in here this week.  It seems that a weekly post might be the thing to aim for at the moment, as daily chatting is just not going to happen in this season.

The Circuit meeting was happy to extend my hours on Tuesday night so I am officially working 30 hours a week now, and kindly agreeing to pay me overtime for the extra hours I had worked in February.  I did also get a clear instruction not to do any more than that though!  I had to give  report on the work I have been doing in the past six months and the meeting seems to be generally pleased with what I am getting done.  

The Dane's great grandmother died on Sunday and so she is having a difficult week. Things happen quite differently in Denmark in that she was cremated on Monday [Monday! the day after she died - that would be impossible here as the queues for appointments at the crematoria seem to stretch into weeks in some places] and her thanksgiving memorial service is today. The ashes are likely to be interred today as well, she thinks.

Parents' evening at school tonight so I will be dashing between three sets of teachers for them all, and hoping for good reports.  I expect good reports, as if there had been any problems, it would have been wise for the teachers to have told me before now!

It is daffodil season in the Fens now - in full swing - and there are glorious spots of bright yellow everywhere!  It is lovely.

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veeknits19 said...

So glad all is going well. Do look after yourself in the midst of being so busy. Thinking of you, Vee x