Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas, everyone!

The snow is thawing, the turkey is in the fridge, the presents are under the tree, and we are all just about ready to get to bed and sleep the night away until the most exciting morning of the year!

We have had a lovely evening with our neighbours, and I have made chocolate muffins to take to church in the morning - not very Christmassy but far quicker to make than mince pies! I'll make some of those another day....

Today the YFG has enjoyed a Christmas get-together over lunchtime at her friend S's house in the town, so the EFG and I did some last minute errands in the town - some of the older neighbours needed sacks of corn for their chickens/ducks, so we picked those up from the feed shop, there was money to bank and a few items needed from the grocery department too. I'm through with shopping for 2009, I truly hope! I have booked a delivery for next Wednesday, but I may cancel it as I think we have enough food in stock BUT I might let it come and then I can have January as a store-cupboard month like I did this year - saved loads of money! Last January was when I saved the bulk of the money we needed to install the wood-burner, and now we are Really reaping the benefits of that effort - the feeling of walking into the sitting room when it is lovely, warm and cosy is beyond compare!

Merry Christmas!!

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cluny_view said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all - from the frozen north of Scotland.