Saturday, 30 August 2008

Sunny Saturday

The weather really got its act together today and we have had a lovely day. Lots of washing blowing on the line and the FGs outside playing with the neighbourhood children on their bikes.

The harvest this morning was particularly good - courgettes, tomatoes and a marrow that is really an overgrown courgette!

And just look where the pet bantam laid her egg yesterday - could you imagine a more uncomfortable place??!!

She is a very dainty little lady - here she is:

So, we have also planted some cauliflower plants FH was given, and he has been continuing his mission to erect the greenhouse. The aluminium frame was put onto the concrete base this morning, and he has spent most of the day, the air blue with his frustration, trying to put a narrow strip of rubber around the bars ready for the glazing panels to go in. The rubber was eventually in place, and he is now putting the glass in, although two pieces were broken when he opened the packets so it won't be finished tonight.

The FGs are enjoying a game of rounders with some other children, and will soon have to give in for the night as the darkness will overcome them!

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