Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Here I sit, with twinkling lights decorating the windowsill, folk going past in the their cars taking the kids to school, the news on the tv in the background and thinking about getting ready to go off to work in under an hour. I realised last night that I haven't been here for about six weeks, and I was overdue for a catch-up.  If you are still reading, even with my long absences, I thank you.

Gratitude has long been part of my life now and I started an Advent theme on my Facebook posts with that idea at its heart. Each day I am posting a few words about things for which I am grateful that day. In all the hustle and busy-ness of getting ready for Christmas, I wanted to stop and be content with what I have now, rather than always looking forward to what will come in the future.  Anticipation is good, but so is contentment in the now.

Angels have been a huge part of my life in the last month - we have "Angels and anticipation" as our Advent theme for church and circuit life this year, so we have had Angel festivals, angel plays, angel Messy Churches - I am just about done with angels for one year, and we are joking that our theme next year will be "Silent Night" so that we can be quiet and reflective instead.

Only five more sleeps and then the EFG will be home from Aberdeen for Christmas. She has another exam tomorrow and then some socialising before she comes home on Saturday - can't wait!  Really looking forward to having her here for three weeks.

I hope you are all keeping well, and life continues peacefully.  I shall get round to reading more blogs sometime soon, but not this week!  Someone jokingly said that I would get a rest soon, but I can't see one coming until after Christmas lunch - but I shall be ready for it by then.  There are troubles in the circuit and lots of work to be done even in the New Year so we need to have a break and recharge our batteries over the Christmas holiday.  The boss is taking the workers to Norwich to see Mamma Mia in February so we are looking forward to that immensely as our staff day out!

Much love, as always x


Frances Hyde said...

Good to see you back. Advent blessings to you, your family and your community. I love Advent. It's my favourite of the church seasons, redolent with hope, majesty and anticipation (in my view of the eschaton, rather than of Christmas). I find the Advent Hope a little oasis of peace and quiet amidst the frenzy of the secular build up to a huge party. (I enjoy the party too, :-D )

Has your younger daughter decided which University she might want to go to?

Prayers and blessings


Angela said...

You sound like one busy, but happy, lady [no change there then!!] You'll be glad to have both FGs home for Christmas, I know xx

Frugally challenged said...

How lovely to see you back and what a lovely post! Thank you

Mac n' Janet said...

Glad that all is well with you, it sounds like you've been rather busy. You're in my thoughts even when you don't post. Our daughter gets home next Monday.

Lyssa Medana said...

So good to see you! Wishing you a wonderful time at Christmas x

Ali said...

Happy Christmas Morgan. I hope you have a well deserved rest. My advent has been spent organising the planting of two new native woodlands covering 33 ha. Busy and fulfilling and full of hope. I prefer to be out in the countryside than down in the town at this time of the year! Looking forward to a rest. It's always lovely to read your posts however big the gap.

SusanM said...

Wishing you and all your readers a very peaceful Christmas. I have sent you an email x