Thursday, 13 October 2016

Another day

The blog roll hasn't reappeared yet, so if anyone does know how to get it back, I would be very pleased to hear from you.......

In other news, the EFG has sacked one driving instructor in Aberdeen who was incredibly rude and unhelpful, but has found another, who comes highly recommended.  Good sign - he also has a waiting list, but she got onto that before she sacked the woman she is leaving.  She had had to pay the woman for a block booking in advance, so she has lost about £10 for the last little bit of time she has not claimed, but she is not worried about that - far better to be clear of such a negative personality, she feels.

Continuing with the roads, the YFG has passed her theory test in the last couple of hours and is on her way home from the library where she took the test, and we will shortly be off to see my dad.

He's had a health scare and is a bit fragile. It was his 87th birthday on Monday, so we suddenly became conscious that we hadn't seen him since the EFG was at home, and thought it was time we made the short journey across the Fens to see him - but then quite by chance, the YFG's driving instructor took her to his town yesterday on quite a route. Unfortunately, they did not stop in to see him but he would have been thrilled to have seen her behind the wheel!

Work? Manic. Too many hours last week......  Love it though, and the people!

Toodle pip - see you again soon xx


Liza Kirschner said...

I have never commented before but have read you blog for a long while. It's so good to hear from you; even though you're quite busy it's wonderful to know that things are going well! I guess a lot of other bloggers lost their blog rolls as well and several of them put out a call for an update so they could reconstruct the list. Take care <>< Liza

Dc said...

Mine also disappeared never to return! I went to layout, choose add gadget then added the My Blog List gadget. It was empty but I think I then added them in, either from the list that appeared or from my reading list.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Lovely to hear an update from you.
it's a puzzle why some blog rolls went and mine didn't...........yet

Bless said...

Glad to hear that the girls are doing well with their driving lessons. Happy birthday to your dad! Thank you, again, for keeping me on your prayer list. I've completed my active treatments - both chemo and radiation! I am now on an anti-hormone pill that I will be taking for the next 5 years, if not longer. I'll be scheduled for a follow-up mammogram in February to see if all is clear. We are hopeful that it will be.

Jackie said...

How oddly alike our daughters are! My older daughter passed her test in September, and will be 20 in December. My younger daughter passed her theory test last week and is taking lessons!