Monday, 7 November 2011

A quieter day

The days have been chasing by, and I have hardly had time to stop and gather myself. Unfortunately, I have come down with another cold, or perhaps I never really got rid of the last one, but I struggled through Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I have given up with today so far and allowed myself a bit of a duvet day so far! I have to go out for 3pm, but only for a short while, and then I will be home again. I lit the fire early this morning before the girls went off to school, so the temperature in here is quite warm.


saving for travel said...

Snuggle up, get better and rest.

Hugs to you.

Sft x

Lesley said...

Hope you feel better soon! Sometimes you just have to give in and rest.

Morgan said...

Thanks, guys! I do feel a little better for the rest, but I think I may do the same again tomorrow, at least for the morning! Will read a book tomorrow though - there isn't half some tat on the TV!